Manage Your Own Fleet of Shared E-Scooters or E-Bikes!

Industry-leading Vehicles

Roll e-bikes and e-scooters are custom-designed industry-leading vehicles. They are specifically designed for shared mobility


Roll's in-house built software provides you the advanced technologies to operate a fleet of micromobility vehicles. All of the features and data we provide are compliant with regulatory frameworks.

Operational Experience

As one of the major Canadian micromobility operators, our team provides you strategic advice such as deployment locations, operations plan, regulatory/ government communications etc.

Vehicles and Software

Roll will sell its vehicles at cost to the city partners participating on the platform. You will be able to operate your own fleet through the Roll app. Scooters are equipped with the latest IoT (Internet of Things) module that includes GPS and anti-theft features, geofencing and other government technology.


Build your local team! Once you set the operating hours, service area and pricing, we will provide you an ongoing strategic advice on operations. You will have an access to Roll Management Dashboard at no extra cost that you can keep track of the performance, view metrics, and make adjustments to your operational plan.


We are in this together! We charge a service fee on every ride in exchange for all the benefits we provide.

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